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  1. Veterinary care
  2. Tests in our cattery
1. Veterinary care

The cats from my cattery are in professional veterinary care. A control of the cat family is up-to-date, prevention, periodical tests and genetic tests. Pregnant cats are in special care as well as kittens, from the moment they are born in our cattery to the day in which they go to their new houses.

Doctor Daniel Figiel - The carer of the cattery

Daniel Figiel is a doctor who takes care of the cats in our cattery. Carrying on the family tradition, he has become a veterinary surgeon as his father. In my opinion, the intrests , an unusual intuition and huge love to animals also had an influence on his choice connected with his profession.

Doctor's wide knowledge is being still extended by taking part in symposiums of different type, lectures, contacts with west veterinary clinics and by careful exploring every problem, every case. In addition, there is a wide practice, taking care of a number of catteries and taking part in medical interventions in the field. The doctor applies modern techniques of treatment and uses medicines, which very often go beyond those which are administered as a standard. He looks after every his patient with a great commitment and care regardless of the seriousness of the case because every case is equally important. He willingly gives advices connected with food, taking care of the animals and in case of behaviour problems.

There are a lot of four-footed patients who come to the doctor, not only from Gorzów and it's vicinity but also from further regions of Poland (Trójmiasto, Zielona Góra) and even from Germany. He also repeatedly consulted different types of diseases or other health problems at a distance and thanks to that he helped animals to recover or even he saved their lives.

I know that in every moment We can (me and my cats) count on the doctor's help and support. He is our treasure. No words can express our appreciation, and gratitude.

Thank you doctor!!!

Contact data:
Mickiewicza 8
74-320 Barlinek
tel. 95 746 22 50

In the photos veterinary clinic, Mrs Dorota, doctor's right hand and the doctor himself with a little Pearl

2. Tests in our cattery

The cats in our cattery have undergone the following tests:
HCM (gentest) - n/n (negative)

HCM (screening) - normal result - the breeding cats who have undergone the tests:
    a) boys
Ymoon Arri Perła Annaru*PL - normal result
Brano Liv Perła Annaru*PL - normal result
RU*Respectcoon Juicy Fruit - normal result
Ymoon Arri Perła Annaru*PL - normal result
    b) girls
Quiche Lorraine of Baydar - normal result
Kassja Klari Perła Annaru*PL - normal result
Xtra Sanjita of Baydar - normal result
Kalini Rose of Baydar - normal result
Oliana Bia Perła Annaru*PL - normal result
Peacemaker’s Roxette Ria - normal result
    c) ancestors - the information is situated at the website of each of them
The rest of the breeding cats is waiting for the tests.

SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy, gentest) - N/N (negative)
FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) - negative
FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) - negative
Coronavirus (FIP) - negative
PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) - negative result
HD (dysplasia) - cats without symptoms
PL (Patella Luxation) - cats without symptoms - normal result
Chlamydia (microorganisms Chlamydia psittaci ) - cattery is free from Chlamydia, all cats and kittens in cattery are vaccinated against Chlamydia
Microsporum canis - negative
Giardiasis (Giardia) - negative
Coccidiosis - negative
Blood group "A"

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