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Something not something about cats…

From history

About three thousand years ago cat was already most certainly domesticated - evidences deliver excavations from Ancient Egypt. We don’t know exactly when process of its domesticated began (…) surely cat did not become domesticated before taking control of agricultural civilization (…)

„Catwatching" Desmond Morris

What interested you can find out from this book? Well, human start appreciate a cat when he settled down and began cultivate land. It was difficult to protect huge granaries full of rats and mouse. Egyptians attended cats as saint animals and for killing cat threatened death penalty. Embalmed its dead body and hid in graves.
On European continent, exactly to British Isles cats brought Roman also here they were glad with large respect. In Middle Ages church authorities renounced to cats „saint war", especially to black cats. In masses burnt them on heaps together with witches. Nowadays some people believe that black cat brings bad luck. In England contrary, black cat brings good luck. Cat today retrieve high social position. In many houses cat is dear and nursed with care.

Unbelievable abilities of cats
Nowadays science valued also cats… Interesting talks about this theme in own book Claire Bessant (…) from former told are histories about unbelievable abilities of cats in expectation of disasters or changes of weather. Most reports concern strange cats behave before storms, explosions of volcanoes, earthquakes, or air raids of bombers in war time. Well-known are stories about cats, carrying out in safe place kitties from house, that soon had to be devastated by flood or lava (…) And many reports about uncommon behave of cats before earthquake in California in year 1979 caused that nowadays in USA research workers deal with seismic investigate behave 200 sorts of animals cats is well.

„The Cat Whisperer" Claire Bessant

Health from cat

There exist many evidences confirming, that cat at home puts good influences on health of owner. Let this consciousness be compensation for people having four-footed friends- they are often accused about environmental pollution. Opponents of holding animals at home will live shorter!
It happen from two reasons first, physical contact with animal, especially with cat, reduces level of stress. Cat and man mutually act on sense of touch: man strokes cat and cat gently touching our body. If man who stroke cat install electrodes joint with monitor- this shows considerable calm and relaxed human organism. Examined patients ascertained fall general tensions and passage in state of relaxation. State of health mentally ill patients, who hold cat, considerably got better.
Good influence cat on man does not rely only on influence by touch. Intercourse cat - man leaning are on clear and honest rules, without falseness, double meanings and of insinuations, which one characterize interhuman relations. That is why relations with cat can be medicine for our soul often injured and sore because of harms experienced from people. Lots of people got permanent complexes and traumas they lost trust to other people. Friendship with cat helps to recover psychical equilibrium, to get rid of suspicions and again to trust people.
In USA research proved, that possession of cat by patients, who stress led to hart attack - decided about survival. Relation with this nice and intelligent creature helps lowering blood pressures and calms troubled heart.

Catwatching" Desmond Morris

I encourage to reading these two mentioned position. There is many interested tales about cats, about what is like, how to understand and how to take care of cats, how to dissolve appearing problems. How to love cats and how cause, that cats love us back…

„Understanding cat and its behave will permit us with better contact in everyday life".


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