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Race- origin and characterization

Maine Coon is greatest representative of household cats. His characteristic feature is outline brushes on ends of ears, which add him charm and apparent wildness savageries.

The name owes American state Maine, from where originate. „Coon" is part of word „raccoon". Legend proclaims, that race this came into being in result deep feelings, which connected of wild cat with raccoon. From genetics point of view this is of course impossible. And we also don’t believe that. This qualification reflects rather attractive character, looks and customs this popular cat in state Maine. Mostly is about his splendid furs and downy tail. I should add, that Maine Coon, opposed to racoons, do not wash, do not like to be washed - especially in washing machine; -)
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Maine Coon became recognized as national Canada race. First time showed her on exhibition in New York in 1860r in 1976 one formed Maine Coon Breeders and Franciers Association and acknowledged race in USA. FIFE acknowledged her officially in 1983

Cats of race Maine Coon have very rich and long history of cultivation and exhibition -. In Poland appeared only several years ago, but already is very popularity. Owe this because of grand of looks, sizes joint with gentleness, look of head reminding head of lynx, fur nice in touch, long downy tail, not difficulty care in breeding in house conditions.


Maine Coon is an ideal domestic animal: gentle, sedate, cheerful. It is very sociable. These cats are very close to man this tie sometimes is unusual strong. Willingly they constantly spend time in companionship of man" helping" in all household works. Establish contact is real pleasure for Main Coon. Always willing to plays and jokes. Likes to be in centre of interest, especially when at home appear guests. This is great opportunity for it’s to showing off and doing, what is illicit. Maine Coon is wonderful friend of children. With stoical calm will take the most effusive symptoms of tenderness. They are clever and intelligent. Likes companionship of other cats lives with friendship with dogs it is strong and very nimble.
It gives characteristic sounds reminding świergolenie.


Maine Coon is large (weight about 8-10 kg tom-cats, girls considerably smaller about 4-6 kg) strong muscular build elongated profile. Full physical development attains in age 3-4 of years.

Head: Average wide, at Tom-cats wider than at pussy strong chin, creates perpendicular line with nose and with upper lip, long nose.

Eyes: Large, a little skew, with characteristic so-called." to owl's look" adding him of childish charm, green or gold-orange. At white, blue or multi-coloured variety (one eye blue, second orange).

Ears: Large, at average bases, sharply finished with lynx brushes, high, but not near to each other.

Trunk: Long, massive, proportional, with wide chest.

Limbs: average length, strong large round foot, with hairs between fingers.

Tail: At least lengths of trunk. At bases wide, narrows pointed, richly hairy, downy

Coat: Strongly shiny hairs should drop fluently, silken structure, hair thick and smooth, podszerstek soft, delicate, shorter vestment on head, boats and legs, longer on trunk, on back limbs creates so-called pants, feather on tail.

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