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  1. A story how cattery came into being
„Cat happiness" - a story how cattery came into being

Long, long time ago, behind the hills, behind the rivers, where once I lived there lived a lot of cats and I.
Yes, old good times…
I was living with kitties from early childhoods until I decided to move in world and become independent.

Once settled with me on short time waiting for arrival of owners cat race Maine Coon name Maurycy. It was big and agreeable castrated cat. Its beautiful looks and interested disposition caused, that I interested this race more.

A bit of time passed and…
…I decide to find for myself similar cat, and rather female cat.
Looked for, looked for and I began to lose hope, that I will find this special the one, fallen in love „from the first look". Lot was kind for me, but played trick simultaneously. Yes I found, but male cat!!! Beauty! I’m telling you. I couldn’t take my eyes of it and stop stroke its, and it doesn’t want left my knees, purred, purred… unfortunately I have to leave it and go back home. I cried in the car, I cried in the house – hurt so much separation with its. Bon Vivat that was its name it was Tom-cat from my dreams. I haven’t got breeding plans yet, but more and more often such thought appeared into my head, I always wanted to have a few cats and be able to display its, and share my happiness with other. I thought, that or Boni or no other. I receive Bon Vivat September the second 2005 together with contract of purchase cat as animal breeding-exhibition. Yes here is my „black striped happiness" helped me make decision- let’s start the breeding.

Today Bon Vivat is my true friend, and it returns my care, and friendship. Yes and I’m not exaggerate anyway try yourself. This is uncommon cat (more about it in the tuck „Tom-cats"). Originates from breeding Medium Color*PL Anny Buczak.

Thank you for this fantastic kitten for me
unusual beautiful and rare jewel - „Black Pearl".

After Boni in my house residing two other kitties. First was Iris Anii from breeding JoKo-Czar*PL Joanny Koczar from Wroclaw.

Joasiu I want to thank you for „Cream"
unusual talkative and soft kitty

As second I brought from Germany Jane Eyre from breeding of Baydar belonging to Brigitte Fahrenholz-Johansen.

Warm thanks Brigitte for wonderful „Blue Ray"
it shines with exceptional charm

I am very happy, that everything rolled. I have three dear cats, its give me a lot of joy and I can’t imagine house without it, so here came into being my farming - Perła Annaru*PL. Thanks that will come on world little and sweet kitties, I will be able to make happy others as once made me happy. Its will grow up with care and love it learn world of people, of sounds and smell. I wish to raise healthy and strong cats, beautiful, multi-coloured and perfect type, also cuddle and like to play. I trust that my three treasures with wonderful characters will deliver these important features to its children.

I invite to look to the page. I hope that will deliver to you a lot of nice experiences. These who like write letters please write if you prefer to talk - call me.
I will always answer with pleasure.

Anna Janina Chudoba

My cattery belongs to The Associations of Lovers of Cats "Żory". It is the young Club however solid and friendly breeders and their cats. The Club belongs to Polish Federation Feline -" Felis Polonia", which is member of the greatest in the world Federation International Feline - FIFe.

SMK Żory

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